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Hey. How are you? I’m referring to you. Yes, you! I really want to know how you’ve been. If you’ve been following my blog, you will remember that my last post was about tea making in China and about a strong girl who faced a lot as a result of culture but who overcame all. If this story is not familiar to you, you should check it out. Before reading the book, I’ve heard about the one-child policy in China but I never researched about it but in the book the tea girl of hummingbird lane by Lisa See, I learned a lot more about it so I decided to research more and share with you.

The one-child policy was introduced in China in 1979 after a decade of the two-child policy which they felt wasn’t effective enough. The law was that each family was only allowed to have one child. Along the way, some adjustments were made like allowing some rural families to have a second child if the first child is a girl or was born with a defect or major health problems. This reminds of an incident I read in the crazy rich Asians trilogy (I cannot recall the particular one I am about to bring this story from). The one-child policy was in effect then and this girl got married to a boy, the only child of a rich and powerful couple, and the girl got pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl. Her in-laws were furious because they wanted a boy and the law was that only if the child had a medical defect could they have another child (the case were they were allowed to have a second child if the baby was a girl was for rural dwellers because they needed a strong helping hand in the farm). The inlaws then plotted to harm the child and cause a defect to the girl so they could have a legitimate reason to have another child. This girl found out about their evil plan and ran away with her child, but that is not the story for today.

Of course, there were punishments for those who disobeyed the rule and rewards for upholders. Those who adhered to the law were given a one-child certificate which provided with better medical care, better housing, longer maternity leave, and other benefits. Believe me, this didn’t stop some families from having more than one child, but they were fined and their salaries were reduced by 15%. This policy was only really enforced in urban areas. The ethnic minorities were not really disturbed and this was kinda unfair.

So here we are now, 2019, and the policy has been abolished or rather modified to a two-child policy. The abolishment was made in 2015. Was this policy effective? I would say it was to an extent not as much as people expected but still, there were other ways to have stopped overpopulation. Of course, the Chinese government disagrees and says that although the population increased to 1.2billion seven years earlier than its predicted date, about 400million births were prevented which is an achievement in itself. But believe me, if I say this policy has brought more harm than good. Many girl children were killed because most parents preferred a male child and so if the ultrasound reveals a girl, they have an abortion and this continues until they have a boy. Although they eventually made a law against abortion based on sex, people still did it illegally. Another problem is the uneven male to female ratio. China has more male than females and their government is legit worried about not having enough wives for their males. One of the reasons they revised the law was because they did not have enough youths, their population was mainly elderly people. But even after the law has been revised, most families still don’t have more than one child. Their reason is that having more than one child is more financial, emotional, and physical stress. Ironic right? They should be glad. Their plan was effective. Some would say too effective. Nigeria really needs a population control policy though. Perhaps a two-child policy? The population is getting out of hand.

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Lately, I have been seeing tweets and posts about birth control being created for the wrong gender because a woman can only give birth once a year and for a limited time while a man could literally impregnate a different woman every day. Well, good news people. Male contraceptives are under research and would soon be completed. So a win right? I think this is a really good step and these contraceptives would go a long way in ensuring population control. So you know I am an official reviewer at, right? Well I just reviewed another book yesterday and you can check it out at

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